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We help you connect to clients,
so that you can do what you do best

“Stride in Sales”

Salestride Advantage​

Salestride Technology leverages the power of modern marketing techniques and Artificial Intelligence to help Software|Cloud|Web Development companies get clients. We do the ground work to help you improve the ROI.

We use the best;

  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Cold Calling Centers

Leverage Proven Methods

Your affiliation connects you to our proven methods. We use cutting-edge telemarketing and digital marketing to bring you the best SQL leads.

Focus on the Core

We help you save on time spend looking for clients so that you can do what you do best. We know the source, we get the best out of the market.

ROI Accelleration

Quick start your marketing campaign and leverage upselling using our hand-picked leads. Get customized Marketing Channels.


Subscribe to the quarterly plans.

Basic plan


  • 20 % of project invoice
  • 3 Customers in a week
  • General Niche
  • Email only Support

Standard plan


  • 15 % of project invoice
  • 5 Customers in a week
  • Customised Niche
  • Email only Support

Premium plan


  • 12 % of project invoice
  • 8 Customers in a week
  • Advanced Niche Filter
  • Call and Custom CRM

Be part of the Success

Development Leads

All your Software Development Client needs

  • SQL Leads specific for your niche
  • 3 Months of marketing on Steroids
  • Leverage cutting-edge technology

B2B/C Campains

All your BPO Telemarketing Client needs

  • Niche campaigns
  • USA, UK, Canada
  • Cutting-edge technology Support


Salestride  Uses the best BPO services to provide fresh SQL Software and Website Development leads. Affiliate to ensure the best distribution of Marketing Channels on our platform.


Agent Signup

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How can we subscribe and pay for the services?

Just fill up the form above and we will get back to you with more information. Online Payment is coming soon.. An account will be made on the Dashboard soon after.

When will I get the first lead or client?

We assign clients based on availability and package subscription. The first client will be assigned after one week of confirmed payment. Highest packages will get first priority.

Do we have to pay every month?

Payment is only one time. If you have an active subscription, we deduct the monthly fee from the invoice generated by the client. This way you don’t have to invest every time.

How do you get clients?

A tricky question here.. We use all methods; from Cold calling, Digital marketing among other techniques to bring the best of leads in Web Development and other projects.

How often do I get leads and do we own the clients?

We assign leads on availability. If we give less leads in a week, we will forward the balance to the next week. We try our best to give call-verified fresh leads.Yes. We hand over the clients full information with an email explaining the nature and scope of work.

I want to unsubscribe from the packages?

You can opt out of the package subscription any time. You need to write us an email a month prior to so that we can freeze your Marketing Channel. The package fee is not refundable on cancellation since Salestride Technology invests the money in marketing. 

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